Monday, June 9, 2008

The Iframe workaround

I am programming in ASP.NET and one of the unfortunate results of this is that you have to basically load a page each time that you want to perform some action because it is a server based language. So I was going to have to do a page redirection and reload on a page that wants to remove a relation between two objects because you have to know what both objects are and there will be several choices on the page so it is not as easy just knowing them like so many things on pages are. Well I am going to do some quasi AJAX to use javascript to call a URL change to a .src in an iframe to get around this annoying little feature, this way we remove the relation without having to disorient the user with page change. So I will call removeLink.aspx?id1=22&id2=55 and we will remove the relation between 22 and 55. GENIUS! If this works pretty well I will post the basics of how to do it I am blogging this so I remember to do it as well.

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