Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I did a century - Reach the Beach

It was hard but fun and I never posted about it here because I guess I forgot I have been putting my biking accomplishments up here, but other than the century I have totally wussed out in the biking area, I have not ridden to work recently but immediately after the race I came down with flu/pneumonia-like symptoms, I am still hacking up some gnarly loogies. I am pretty happy about having done this though, if I had to do it again, I would pass, we did one hill that was straight up 800ft of elevation gain, I would rather do rollers all day than have a bunch of giants to conquer and that is what we had sections of giants that made you just want to lay down on the road and call the sag team. Interesting events included seeing (then doing) a run through a graveyards sprinkler system. We tried to keep it as respectful as possible by waiting for the sprinklers to come back to the roads or paths to throw ourselves into them. It was also the hottest set of days I have seen in Oregon spring time it was 95F+. I was also called a genius by several people, as they joined me sitting under the one shade tree on an exceptionally long jaunt through the treeless Oregon farmland. It was fun though!

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Courtney said...

My kinnies posts are funny! And I know you'd do it again! You still have the sunburn/tan(?) lines from it. Now that is worth it.