Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunburn's Nasty Bite

My arms look allot like this guys. This weekend was a lesson why as a coder (usually a dark, yet monitor lit, room dweller) you should not go off on a whim and ride a bike 60+ miles on the sunniest day Oregon has had all spring. I think it should be a lesson to all coders do not let your loved ones convince you to do crazy things like riding 60 miles in training for riding 100 miles. Some will try to throw out the snarky "Heard of Sunblock?" line, but I am a man dangit. I am not wearing no sissy sun block, me and this guy to the left says so. Luckily my arms usually mist over into a tan, I doubt the guy left can say the same.

On the plus side it was fun to ride 60 miles and be like , I did that I went how far I go in a car in one hour, the same distance in 5-6 hours ... ok it does not sound good when you say it that way ... but I have no combustion engine and did it, there that sounds better. The only bad thing is when you are out 15 miles from no where and go "Geez ... if I hit a piece of glass I am screwed because I did not bring an extra tube." It would suck to walk 15 miles to No Where (Dayton, OR) and try to find a tube there. I am not kidding about it being no where, they do not have a single chain restaraunt, and the only stoplight in town is just a blinking light. Careful also the only restroom in the park is a Honeybucket with some suspect liquid puddling in the bottom of the floor. Laters.

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