Monday, April 28, 2008

Green Peace overshoots

Recently I have seen some articles touting the fact that Green Peace is on this whole issue of polar bears drowning. Reading about it recently reminded me of when my cousin, visiting me, was stopped in the street by one of greenpeace's minimum wage professional botherers (PB's)(job description: Stand firm with notebook, as someone comes by pretend to want to engage in friendly conversation then spring angry guilt trap!) Anyway the PB told my cousin that the polar bears were drowning because of global warming because they swam out to sea hunting seals. Dying because they were out of food, blah blah blah, gimme money. "Do you understand why we need your support and money?" asked the PB. "Yes," responded my cousin, "because you are going to ship food down to the polar bears. I am totally on board with that." PB, "... ... Um, no that is not what I meant I mean to fight global warming?" Cousin, "Why would you want to do that when we have the obvious polar bear problem?" I loved that it was the funniest, wittiest comment I have seen shot at one of the PB's. TTFN.

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