Friday, April 11, 2008

My Homage to OCR A Extended

A true programmer will have noticed my title is indeed OCR A Extended. I find OCR A Extended to be one of the best programming fonts because it is monospaced (fixed width) font. It has great readability when it comes to coding, it also gives clear distinctions between all characters(OCR being optical character recognition should give this away!)

The bottom line to the right left (I hated to look on the right) gives a prime example, notice the O(oh) out front is different from the 0 (zero) and the Z is different from the 2. This is also true with 1 and l among the various other font faux pas. It is critical to development to be able to tell what is what and that is one reason I like OCR A Extended. I would not want to read a novel in it but when coding I find this font to be a step above the rest. The look also has that classic computer tech look so that you know you are working on code not Gigi's Wedding invitations. Which is obviously not great for reading code! I think I will make a poll, even though my blog still lays undiscovered like a cautious lion ready to strike ... Where was I? Anyway comment if you agree or disagree. Ciao!

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