Wednesday, October 1, 2008

To Bail or Not

I think this is an interesting debate. I honestly am not that keen on banks and I understand that credit will tighten, but honestly. I do not think that large banks are the best creditors. Somtimes you should have at least some cash to prove your creditworthiness, and lately things have been too loose. If you jump into the freezing lake after reading the sign, "Do not jump into the freezing lake if you are prone to freezing." I do not think it is my job to jump in and save you. On the other hand, the foreclosures will not stop due to the bailout (which in my evil way {not being able to afford the crapload prices around me} I like) it is all about trying to ensure investors that money can be made in the mortgage area so that people can still buy. Honestly I think until we see the white of the eyes of our enemy we should not shoot. That is all I got for ranting today.

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